An Overview Of Effective LTC Funding Solutions

An insurance policy is not a plan for care.  It is a way to fund your plan for care.

It is important to determine ahead of time the most appropriate long-term care planning solution for you, should you or a family member need extended care. Have the plan documented, and review the plan annually with your family and advisors. It may, or may not, include insurance.

An insurance policy...

  • Provides a stream of income to pay for your care.
  • Preserves your financial plan so it can execute for the purposes you intended.
  • Allows you to remain in the community without risking the emotional and physical well being of those who will provide your care.

If an insurance policy is a consideration in your planning, then an educational approach in analyzing and documenting the most appropriate type of insurance solution for your unique situation should be taken. Included in this section are pages providing brief descriptions of effective insurance planning tools that may be of interest to you.