Refer A Friend

The majority of our clients are referrals from existing clients, financial planners, accounting & law firms, insurance professionals, as well as care provider organizations. Our business is built on the trust and confidence these third-party advisors have in our ability to provide their friends and clients with the appropriate information and services they need, using an educational approach, rather than a traditional sales approach.

A common theme among our clients is they enjoyed working with us. They appreciate our ability to simplify the process; answer their questions in an unbiased, professional manner; and guide them to solutions that work for them without a hidden agenda. You can buy a policy anywhere. It may be difficult to find someone else with the same philosophy, experience, and the dedication we have to our referral sources and clients.

With increased talk about long-term care in the news, many people want to learn more, but are unsure where to turn. Most prefer dealing with someone they know, or someone that they trust recommends. With that in mind, if you feel that we - or this website - has been of help to you, please consider passing along our contact information, or our website link, to your friends and advisors.  We will not share your information with anyone, or anyone's information with you.  Thank you.